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Chain Five Chain Five
released 1/21/18
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Chain Five brings a fresh take on a classic card and board game mashup! Win by getting 5 of your color in a row. Play against friends online, or if nobody is around, play locally by sharing your device with others.

WWDC ARGallery
released 9/24/17
(Augmented Reality)
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Create your own art exhibition, powered by ARKit! One of the coolest things I experienced at WWDC was the introduction of native AR support, and this is a fun project I created with it. Written in Swift 4 for iPhone 6s and later.

WWDC WWDC17 Submission
accepted 4/21/17
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It's March Madness in a Swift Playground! Built using SpriteKit, this playground takes a fun approach on the classic arcade basketball shooter in just over 400 lines of code.

redirect redirect
released 2/7/17
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Redirect the ball into the target, but it's harder than you think... Collect coins to purchase paddles. Unlock achievements. Rise on the leaderboards. Can you make it to 100?

Shift Timer Shift Timer
released 8/16/16
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Shift Timer allows you to enter your shift hours and get a live-updating view of your progress throughout the day. See what percentage of work you've completed and how many hours, minutes and seconds you have left to go.